The City In

The Sky

Did you know that at any one time, there are roughly a million people airborne across the world? Whether going on their family summer holiday, travelling with friends or preparing for a work trip, in this ‘City in the Sky’ people fall in love, break up, make friends and lots more! Take a look at what a plane might look like if it were to be the stage for this whole 'city in the sky'.

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Plane length

If one plane were to hold 1,000,000 people at once, it would need to be a whopping 191.4km long. In all, it would stretch from London to the bottom of the Peak District!



Another way of putting it? This plane would be as tall as 231 Burj Khalifa skyscrapers stacked on top of one another, 591 Eiffel Towers, or nearly 22 Mount Everests.



And if that plane carrying 1,000,000 people was going to take off? It would require a runway that was almost as long as the distance between London and Kyoto, Japan!



A population the same size as Glasgow could fit into economy class, first class would exceed the capacity of Wembley Stadium, and the population of Oxford could fit into premium economy with room to spare.


Time to board

To get all 1,000,000 passengers in their seats with their luggage stowed away would take an incredible 31 years.


Weight of luggage

And as for the luggage... Well, if every passenger used 10kg of hand luggage allowance, the plane would be laden with the weight of equivalent of 66 fully grown blue whales!



To install in flight entertainment (a screen for each passenger to watch movies on) could cost as much as £17.2 billion! That’s enough to buy a few premier football teams and still have lots left over.


Cleaning up

Finally, it could take a cabin crew just over a year of non-stop cleaning, using 54 weeks of elbow grease, to get this ‘City in the Sky’ sparkling again for its next trip. Phew!